Check Your Own B.S

It is okay to call yourself out on your own B.S. As a matter of fact, it is vital that you do if you want a realistic chance at attaining your dreams. Where am I going with this? Each week I inspire / lecture you about taking action regarding living your life with purpose and meaning. I ramble about having a positive attitude when it comes to facing the inevitable obstacles that will occur periodically.

Confession Time

But I do not always take my own advice. Communicating with you helps me to face my own demons. So today, instead of picking on you, it is with great pleasure that I pick on someone else: ME!

Recently, I have been struggling with fear and, as you know, fear breeds doubt. One of my real estate projects has been undergoing some obstacles that have been weighing on my mind for quite some time. Logically, you would assume the issues associated with the project to be my main concern. But not so! My main focus was on what my critics would say if things went belly up. Then I would feel like a terrible failure. On and on the bullshit went. My mind was controlling me instead of me controlling it. This is not a good position to be in. Your mind will screw you up the moment you allow it to gain control of you.

Anyway, I felt like I was being a hypocrite. Ok! I will not sugar coat it. I was a hypocrite. Here I am lecturing you to eradicate fear and to not give a damn about what others think. Meanwhile I was becoming an emotional basket-case over several minor inconveniences. My stress-o-meter was overloaded due to constant worry and anxiety. Are you telling me that one project going sideways meant that I am a complete and utter failure in life? So I had to call myself out on my bullshit.

Instead of being fearful and worried, I should simply accept the situation and let events take their course, or do something about the issue. Either way, there is no need to stress or worry. So I decided to take the necessary actions to regain control over the situation. It will take some time, but I know things will be rectified eventually and that there is no need to put a timeline on when it will or how it will.

What B.S are YOU buying into?

We all have different kinds of bullshit that we buy into. The point I am alluding to is that from time-to-time, you will fall off the tracks due to your own B.S. However, the onus is on you to undertake course-correction – and this usually means stop drinking from the bullshit cool aid – and get back on your journey. Yes, folks! It always involves you doing or taking action of some sorts.

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  1. Glad hear you are focusing on the solution and not the problem. You cannot change the past and only have the now.

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