Built Business Tough: How to Develop Tenacity and Resilience as an Entrepreneur

How thick is your skin? Whatever the answer, it’s a good measure of your chances of entrepreneurial success.

The drive to succeed is one of the key psychological markers of the entrepreneur. But every entrepreneur eventually faces criticisms and setbacks. Developing tenacity and resilience are the two best ways to push through.

Let’s take a look at how to develop those traits as an entrepreneur.

Understand the Path to Success

Those without tenacity see success as a two-step path. There’s trying, and there’s succeeding.

Entrepreneurs know this isn’t true. The path to success is more like a maze. It’s full of dead-ends, each one representing a new failure. You may even have to double back to get to where you’re going.

But that’s just what the path to success looks like. Accept that, and you’ll understand what sets entrepreneurs apart.

Reframe Criticism

Although criticism may help you develop your ideas, you should never let it attack your sense of self.

This is why mild narcissism is associated with success. The ability to push through criticism dispells anxiety that could cripple your drive.

A famous author, for example, can’t let negative criticism paralyze their creative process. That’s why celebrities often seem so dismissive of their critics. When you have enough fans at your back, you’re succeeding to those people.

Success Is a Numbers Game

Elon Musk worked through rejection after rejection to get where he is today.

Some people take rejection as an excuse to give up, as though it’s an endpoint. But success is a numbers game. What matters isn’t the one time you gave it your all and failed. What matters is the time you succeeded.

To find that success, you need to try and try again. Eventually one of your attempts will land, and you’ll find success. Without trying, you can’t fail — but you also can’t succeed.

That’s why resilience is so crucial. Each time you bounce back, you’re giving yourself another chance to succeed.

A Little Every Day

Tenacity means never giving up.

Think of it this way: the traveler who takes one step still gets farther than the traveler who took a rest.

Doing something small every day will add up to huge changes over time. That’s a fact. But giving up and putting things off due to failure and surefire ways to ensure they never happen at all.

Another way of putting this is to say that “tomorrow” doesn’t exist. If you’re planning to do something tomorrow, you’re saying you won’t do it at all. Today is the only day you can take a step forward.

Building the Tenacity of an Entrepreneur

Tenacity and resilience are two of the greatest traits an entrepreneur can have. Where others give up, they forge ahead and find success. Even the smallest steps forward will eventually get you where you’re going.

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