A One-Year Exit Strategy (O-YES) free webinar

Are you ready to escape your 9-5 but worry about taking care of your family or paying your bills?

What if you knew there was an alternative?

On Monday, December 3rd from noon til 1pm ET, and in conjunction with Bruce M Firestone, PhD, founder of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, Century 21 Explorer Realty broker, real estate investment and business coach, I am giving a free webinar on how to create a One-Year Exit Strategy (O-YES) by using simple actions to create your own personal ATM doing what speaks to your heart.

Imagine having your own cash generating machine, while working on something that: a) you love doing and b) you are sure will actually work.

During my free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to create your own personal One-Year Exit Strategy (O-YES)
  • How to be a Sales Ninja without even trying to sell
  • How to get clients/customers rushing to hire you/pay you
  • Simple, easy ways to get industry giants and sponsors to partner with you
  • Why no previous knowledge is required and sometimes even a detriment

Having a practical exit strategy translates into various freedoms, one of which means more options to do the things that really matter to you. No more settling for a job you don’t like and struggling to make ends meet.

If you would like to join us, here’s all you need to do:



Looking forward to seeing you!
Mr Unstoppable
Derian B Tuitt

Prof Bruce
Bruce M Firestone

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