2 Reasons Why Setbacks are Good For You

Don’t you sometimes wish that your life was free from obstacles and challenges? I know I do. But as I give it further thought, I learn to appreciate the experience of having to encounter setbacks. Here are two benefits I found from setbacks:

1: They Reveal what you are made of.

It’s easy to be poised and on your game when things are going well. Anyone can cope with this kind of atmosphere. But does a constantly smooth road really bring out the best in you? Here’s where setbacks come in handy. They tell you what fabric your made of – whether that of paper or titanium.

Life’s challenges and obstacles require you to dig deep within yourself. You will discover things about yourself that you were not previously aware of. For example, I never knew I had it in me to manage real estate projects that were going off the rails. The very thought of things going sideways freaked me out. Not anymore! Now I am able to rise to the occasion and make the necessary adjustments – all because of the lessons each setback allowed me to learn along the way. Strength comes from struggle.

2: They Foster Personal Growth

Not only do you get to see what you’re made of, but you also obtain an opportunity to grow from each setback. Dealing with obstacles and challenges require you to think outside the box. Thinking outside the box involves stretching your mind to new levels. It is this stretching of the mind that causes personal growth, which means you become a stronger person altogether. It therefore implies that, without setbacks, opportunities for personal growth are minimal.

So the next time you get the feeling that you could do without life challenges and obstacles, think again. You would be denying yourself of opportunities to discover hidden talents as well as opportunities for personal growth.

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  1. I had personal setback and realized I was made out paper. Self-reflection has led to personal growth and I truly believe the next time my fabric will be made of titanium.

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