2 Major Reasons why avoiding Risk is bad for you

I met up with a friend of mine recently. After learning that I had quit my job in order to pursue my dreams fulltime, my friend commented on my propensity for taking risks. He said he could not take the risk of giving up the security and consistency of a paycheque, even though he hates his job. This inspired me to write about the two major reasons why avoiding risk is not such a good thing as you may believe. Here are the reasons.

1: You become a Slave to Certainty

Risk-averse people live tedious, monotonous lives and are slaves to “certainty”. They would rather be certainly miserable in their mundane existence than risk being happy. My friend fits this mold perfectly. I am not judging him. I am simply stating the facts. Whereby he is lamenting on his unfulfilling job and how much he wishes he could spend more time with his children, I am doing what I love to do, while getting to spend lots of time with my daughter and granddaughter. He is taking a bigger risk because he is sacrificing his life for something he gets no pleasure doing. Meanwhile, I am fully engrossed in the things I am passionate about.

I do not play the game of life for safety or perceived security.  Nor should you. Everyone else does that. Nor do I play for the comfort of a measly paycheque. Measly because there is a ceiling on how much you can earn. Instead, I play for freedom. And freedom is doing what you want, when you want, where you want and with whomever you want. Doesn’t this sounds more fun?

2: You are Setting Yourself up for Regret

Living with regret is the biggest risk that one could take. But that’s what the majority of people do… including my friend. He thinks the cure for risk is staying in his comfort zone. He ‘stays put’ even though he is unhappy about conditions in his life.

See? I take risks with things of perceived value – for example, a regular paycheque. He, however, is gambling with something of real value – his life. He thinks that real loss is that of possessions – i.e. a paycheque. But real loss is not that of possessions, but that of time. So whereby, I am in constant enjoyment of my time because I am doing what I absolutely love, he passes his time in a job he hates.

Taking action to pursue your dream is risky. Truth be told,  risk is simply, opportunity… opportunity to grow in all facets of your life. If you do not take risks, you will never know what you are capable of. And this is a detriment to your success. Safety is for wusses. Are you a wuss?

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