2 Extremely Important Rules Regarding Giving

I am advocate that the key to living is giving. The more you give, the more you get. We have all heard that at some point or another. And we can give in numerous ways. But usually, when the subject of giving comes up, most people tackle the topic from a monetary perspective. So along this vein, here are 2 extremely important rules regarding giving:

1: Do not let anyone dictate for you the amount you give

Giving has to be done joyously and without reservation. If done in this manner, the universe will respond in kind. When you allow someone else to dictate the amount or percentage that you give, you begin to feel as though you have no choice in the matter. In other words, by being coerced, you are giving out of a sense of obligation. And because you are not in full and complete agreement with being dictated to, the joy factor disappears. Thus your giving becomes meaningless, as it is not being done from a genuine place.

2: Don’t just give to people because they ask for it.

Yeah, yeah! Ask and it is given. There is truth in that statement. However, you may be doing the ‘Asker’ a disservice. Without realizing, you could be a fostering a culture of dependence within the ‘Asker’ as opposed to independence. This is a classic case where good intentions could lead to bad habits.

In addition, when you give someone something simply because they asked, they may not always appreciate the value of the gift. They received it too easily and sooner or later, the individual may be back in the same predicament or even worse than before. How many people have you given money to in order to help them out of a jam, only for them to get into an even bigger one? Or maybe I am the only person this happens to?

In any event, consider what I have just shared with you. Giving should be done with absolute joy and on your own volition.

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